Since 2004, K-TECH has been an official representative of MARTECHNIC in Poland.

MARTECHNIC is a German company with its registered office in Hamburg, specializing in the production of testing devices enabling testing fuels, diesel, lubricating and hydraulic oil.

The offered devices are used to conduct simple, quick and independent diagnostic tests enabling immediate evaluation of oil condition, facilitating making important decisions and appropriate actions in a short time. Operation of devices and analysis of the achieved results do not require specialized knowledge, which prevents the staff from experiencing unavoidable standstills, related to other time-consuming methods.

The proposed high class assortment was prepared in order to determine, among others

  • water content in oil (WIO Check),
  • alkalinity content in oil (ALCACheck),
  • obtaining a direct indication of residual water content and alkalinity in oil in daily operation (TWIN Check),
  • determination of the ignition point of mineral oils,
  • detection of insoluble particle, possible sources of dirt,
  • viscosity of lubricating oil (JUNG Check)

The 3rd generation of agents from WA-SOL line, currently used in testers, is a breakthrough when it comes to safety of transportation and use.

In the offer you can find both individual products and sets in cases for professional use.

Test kits are mainly addressed to shipowners, power plants, manufacturers of machines, oil companies, production trade, transport trade, mines and wherever the quality of oils is reflected in trouble-free operation and life span of devices.